Saturday, 6 June 2015

USMC First Tournament

Tabletop Kingdom in The Hague (The Netherlands) organised a tournament today to Commemorate D-Day. The turn out was a bit on the low side with only 10 players but still it was a great day of gaming and meeting other Bolt Action Hobbyist.

The tournament organiser had made three missions for us to play and I was very excited to see how my brand new army performed on the battlefield.

The list I had made for this event looked like this:
 Vet. 2nd Lt. + 1 Vet. Infantry
 Reg. Medic
 Reg. Forward Air Observer + 1 reg. Infantry
 Vet USMC Squad
1 NCO with SMG
4 Infantry with rifles
3 infantry with BAR + Pistols
 Vet USMC Squad
1 NCO with SMG
4 Infantry with rifles
3 infantry with BAR + Pistols
 Vet USMC Engineer Squad
1 NCO with rifle
4 Infantry with rifles
2 Infantry with BAR
1 Infantry with flamethrower
 Inexp. Medium Mortar team
1 Spotter
 Vet. Sniper team
 Vet. Bazooka team
 Vet. M4 Sherman 105mm howitzer
Turret-mounted medium howitzer (2d6 HE)
Pintle mounted HMG
 Reg. Jeep

Total 999 Points and 11 Order Dice

USMC Bazooka takes out a Panzer IV
The first round I faced a German Army in a maximum attrition game. In short my FAO managed to pin my opponents Pnzr4 useless, my mortar kept hitting and taking out squads and my rifle en engineer squads managed to succesfully assault the opponents units granting me the victory (13-7).

The second round we had to take and hold three objectives in the middle of the board and I faced a Russian veteran army with an IS2 tank. My sherman was knocked out very early and I managed to call in two airstrikes on my own units. My opponent had no trouble taking all three objectives in the end so I lost (0-20)

The third and final game versus another german Army, I had to move my 2nd LT who was carrying the flag into my opponents deployment zone and kill his or prevent it from getting to my deployment zone. I killed his early and this time my airstrikes were succesfull and my units killed of his units in one big sweeping move (fire and manouvre is great). Even my Bazooka managed to destroy a PnzrIV. It ended up a massive victory for me (20-0) but I felt kind of sorry for my opponent who kept on failing nearly all his rolls.

 I ended up with a third place result and Best Painted Army Award. With the giftvoucher I received I bought a USMC M3A1 37mm anti-tank gun and some other small stuff.

 Tired but satisfied I went home after a great day of gaming. The painting award is something I really appreciate. Shows that all the hard work was well worth it.


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